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FAQ with the Aromi liquid lipsticks

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FAQ with the Matte Liquid lipstick
Aromi Matte Liquid Lipsticks

What is the best way to remove the liquid lipstick?
Our favorite way to remove the liquid lipstick is with a tissue, paper towel, or even toilet paper. We normally wipe off the liquid lipstick with a tissue. Some of the colors can leave lips a bit stained (it is designed to stay on your lips) and then we use an oil to remove the remaining dye or stain on the lips. Any oil would work for this – coconut oil or even an oil based makeup remover.  Water is not a good option to remove the liquid lipstick - a tissue or an oil works much better.

I ate while wearing the liquid lipstick and noticed some of it came off, is this normal?
If you're eating anything with an oil (salad dressing, olive oil, greasy food, etc.), it can cause the liquid lipstick to come off a bit. Because the liquid lipstick is essentially dry on your lips, the oil from food can change the properties of the liquid lipstick. Using an oil is one of the ways to actually remove the liquid lipstick so if you’re eating a food with oil, it can soften up and remove some of the liquid lipstick. If you're eating a food without any oil, the liquid lipstick should stay on while eating.

When are more colors coming out?
We’re currently working on more colors in the lab, but we haven't set a specific date for the launch! Once the colors are completely finished and have been tested, we will release more colors.  We finished the pink peonies liquid lipstick and decided to launch this last month – follow us on instagram, facebook, or twitter to hear about when the new colors will launch. We’re currently working on a dark red (will launch very soon and is pictured below), black cherry, nudes, and lighter pinks. We really pay attention to feedback and requests so the colors we’re working on have all been heavily requested – if you want a particular shade or color, please contact us or leave a comment below.  We have had so many requests for a darker red color that is between flamenco red and rich rosewood so we're planning on launching that color soon

swatches of the preppy red, flamenco red, power red, and rich rosewood. 

Can I wear lip balm under the liquid lipstick?
No, any sort of product underneath the liquid lipstick will change the drying properties of the liquid lipstick. You can apply a lip gloss or something of that nature over the liquid lipstick once it has completely dried. Just keep in mind that any sort of product applied to the dry liquid lipstick will cause the liquid lipstick to come off at a faster rate.

Can I mix the colors together?
Yes, it is completely fine to mix, layer, or even wear an ombre lip with the liquid lipsticks. The formulas of the colors are all slightly different, but they’re designed to work well with each other.  Pink peonies and electric orchid look fantastic as an ombre lip!

Is there another way to apply the liquid lipstick?
Of course! The liquid lipstick can be applied using a lip brush as well.  The liquid lipstick does take some practice to apply, but once you get the hang of it, it is as easy to apply as lipstick or gloss.  We usually say it takes about five times to become accustom to wearing and applying the liquid lipstick.

Is the texture supposed to be an actual liquid?
Despite the name liquid lipstick, the product really is a thick liquid to almost a paste.  The texture and thickness of each liquid lipstick is slightly different.  We use a small amount of wax in each formula to help stabilize the formula.  If the liquid lipstick heats up (left in a hot car, for instance), the viscosity may decrease or thin out a bit.  Conversely, if the liquid lipstick is in a cold environment, the formula may thicken up slightly.  

Let us know if you have any other questions - we will keep adding to this blog post as more questions are asked.  

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