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New Aromi Liquid Lipstick Shades for Fall - Merry Mulberry & Blush Nude

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Blush nude liquid lipstick is a peachy-nude shade and is now our lightest liquid lipstick shade.  Toasted almond is another light shade, but has more of a pink-taupe color.  Blush nude is also works well to lighten up any of our other shades or could be used to create an ombre effect. 

 Aromi Blush NudeAromi Beauty Blush Nude Liquid Lip

Blush Nude Lip Swatch
Here is blush nude swatched next to some of our other lighter, nude lip colors of toasted almond, desert taupe, and berry nude. Toasted almond is the closest to this new shade, but has more of a pink-taupe color. Desert taupe is a grey-beige and berry nude is our dusty rose lipstick shade.

Blush nude matte liquid lipstick

Merry mulberry was actually a limited edition shade a few years ago.  We had so many requests to bring back this shade so we finally did for this fall and winter.  We diligently keep track of each batch created in our lab so we had to reach into our color vault for this shade in order to bring it back.  This shade might be one of the most perfect fall shades out there - it isn't too dark and has just enough of that trendy mulberry shade.

 Merry Mulberry Liquid to Matte LipstickMerry Mulberry Lip Swatch

As always, both of our new liquid lipstick shades are formulated from scratch in our own laboratory.  Both shades are vegan and cruelty-free!  We are certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny!  Each shade comes in our custom liquid lipstick tube that comes in our pink and black box.  Our liquid-to-matte shades are a long-lasting lipstick - to get optimal wear-time, avoid food and drink without oil.

Aromi Merry Mulberry Liquid Lipstick
Merry mulberry matte liquid lipstick - a fuchsia mulberry lip color that is perfect for fall and winter!

Here are swatches of merry mulberry next some of our other colors with purple and plum tones - forbidden fuchsia, merry mulberry, black cherry, and vamptastic plum.  Forbidden fuchsia is a bright fuchsia, black cherry is a dark maroon-plum, and vamptastic plum is a violet plum. 

We actually use pantone books to pick out what colors we want to create before we start formulating the color.  Having a specific color to work towards during the color match process helps to make sure the color is unique to our line and really fits in with the rest of our matte line.

blush nude and merry mulberry with out iconic liquid lipstick packaging.

Follow us on Instagram to keep up with what is new for the holidays!  We will be posting some sneak peeks on some of the holiday shades as well as behind-the-scene shots on how they are created!

Let us know if there is a specific color you'd like to see added to our lipstick, matte liquid lipstick, or metallic liquid lipstick lines.

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