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The Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men - Aromi Solid Colognes

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The Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men - Aromi Solid Cologne
Aromi Solid Colognes - stocking stuffer ideas

Solid Colognes Are the Best Stocking Stuffers!
Solid Colognes make the perfect stocking stuffer of gift for any guy! Our solid colognes come in a one ounce metal jar – they are designed to be portable and to fit nicely into any suitcase or bag – they also fit perfectly into a stocking! They make a nice gift for a guy that likes to go to the gym – they can keep the solid cologne in a gym locker to use as a quick refresh. They are also a nice gift for any man that likes to travel! Since the solid colognes are in a solid base, they do not need to go in the “liquid bag” – there is no risk of your cologne breaking in your suitcase with the solid colognes.

Aromi Solid Cologne Names
Each one of our solid colognes are named after something one could call a man. They make gift giving fun because the gift giver can personalize the gift by coordinating the name of the cologne to the recipient. For instance, Outdoor Guy would be perfect for a guy that likes to spend time outdoors. Urban Gent is great for an urbanite or city guy, Sexy Man could be given to a husband or boyfriend, and Douchebag could be used for a white elephant give or for a funny gift.

How To Use the Solid Colognes

Our solid colognes can be used a number of different ways. To apply the solid cologne, swirl a finger in the fragrance a number of times and then apply directly to a forearm, chest, or neck. Solid fragrances are also nice because you have full control over how much fragrance to apply – continue application until desired fragrance level is achieved. Another way to use a solid cologne is to apply the solid cologne in hair. The cologne is made with a number of natural waxes and oils so it actually works well as a light hair wax or pomade. When the fragrance is applied to hair, the fragrance is released during movement so a small amount of fragrance is released throughout the day.

Our Most Popular Solid Colognes

Very Manly was our first solid cologne that we created and it is still our best-selling solid cologne.  Very Manly is a mix of sandalwood, musk, bamboo, orange, bergamot, and vetiver and smells very manly.  Handsome is another one of our most popular fragrances - this cologne is a vanilla musk blend.

Aromi Handsome Solid Cologne

White Elephant Gift Idea for Men
Douchebag solid cologne would make a funny white elephant gift or just a funny men's gift.  Despite the name of this fragrance, Douchebag does smell nice.  This solid fragrance is a blend of citrus fruits, rosemary, jasmine, and woodsy notes - this fragrance is a citrus, woodsy blend.

Men's Gift Idea for Travelers
Solid Colognes are the perfect gift for any man that frequently travels, loves to travel, or travels for work!

Becuase each solid cologne is in a solid format, they do not need to go in the "liquids bag" while traveling.  There is no need to worry about a cologne spilling or breaking during travel.  The solid colognes are TSA-friendly and can go right in a suitcase or bag.  

These travel-accessories would make a perfect gift for any man that likes to travel or travels frequently for work.

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