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Unconventional Ways to Apply Perfume

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It is well-known that I am a huge fan of perfume and fragrance…okay, I’m obsessed with fragrance and the way things smell. The truth is that I am actually quite sensitive to wearing perfume. Let’s face it – nobody wants to be known as the lady that wears too much fragrance. I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where you’re standing in a check-out line at a store and the lady in front of you is caked in perfume…and it’s usually bad perfume.

I continually hear from other women that they love perfume but just cannot wear it because they’re sensitive to fragrance; it gives them a headache or makes them sneeze. One of the reasons I started making solid perfumes, in addition to having a portable fragrance, was to create a scent that wasn’t overpowering. It may come as a surprise to you, but I am in the same boat as a lot of women, and I am sensitive to actually wearing perfume. I sometimes spend all day working on a new fragrance formula or spend all day actually making the Aromi solid perfumes or solid colognes in the lab. Working in the lab on perfumes or colognes doesn’t bother me. When it comes to wearing fragrance, though, I am very picky about how I actually wear perfume. I wear perfume almost every day, and I have developed a system for wearing it in a way that doesn’t bother me. Since I know a lot of people also have difficulties wearing perfume, I wanted to share the ways that I wear spray perfume and solid perfume.

HAIR BRUSH: My all-time favorite way to wear a perfume is to spray my hair brush before brushing my hair. I typically spray the brush once or twice with whatever fragrance I want to wear that day. I like this method because it isn’t overpowering, and when my hair moves, I get a small whiff of perfume throughout the day.

An awesome hair brush with a lip print

BACK OF MY HAIR: Another place I like to wear perfume is on the back of my hair. To apply, I spray perfume directly behind me. After about a half-second, I take one step back so the scent is applied to the ends of my hair and on my back. I wait about a half-second to take a step back so I avoid getting the perfume directly on my roots. I like this method because the perfume isn’t directly in my face or on my chest, so it isn’t overwhelming at all. Like the hairbrush method, I also like this method because I get a nice waft of perfume throughout the day.

END OF MY HAIR: I love solid perfume because I have full control over how much or how little fragrance I apply. The solid perfumes are the absolute best products for those who are sensitive to fragrance but still want to wear perfume. My favorite place to apply solid perfume is on the ends of my hair. There are oils in the solid perfumes, so I wouldn’t recommend caking this on the roots of your hair; you might end up with greasy hair. Like many women, I also dye my hair, and I like adding the solid right at the ends of my hair because it also does a nice job of moisturizing my dry ends and helps to keep my hair in place. Like the two other methods above, I really like this method because it also gives a nice whiff of perfume throughout the day. Every time my hair moves, I get a subtle whiff of fragrance, which is really nice.

HAIR POMADE: I tend to get some of the pesky fly-aways in my hair. I like to use a bit of the solid perfume to hold the fly-aways down. I usually get some of the solid perfume on the tips of my fingers and then just gently comb down the fly-aways to the top of my head and by my face. If you try this method, avoid putting the solid perfume directly on your roots.

I hope this is helpful to those who are also sensitive to wearing perfume. These methods may be a bit unconventional, but they’re definitely worth a shot, even if for no other reason than just because it is fun to mix up your fragrance routine.

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