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Our Founder

The Aromi Story

I started Aromi for a couple of reasons that are very close to my heart.  It was important for me to do something that combined my chemistry and biology interests with my very girly side that absolutely adores perfumes and cosmetics.

Aromi started shortly after my first job out of school.  As a chemist by trade, I started my career working in chemical product formulation in the fragrance industry.  This is where I first fell in love with creating and formulating products.  I eventually started making my own perfumes, cosmetics, and beauty products in my spare time.  This soon became an obsession and quickly turned into a passion of mine.  Once friends and family members started asking for some of my concoctions, Aromi was born shortly thereafter.  

Another reason I started Aromi was that I also wanted to provide beauty products to help women feel confident and beautiful.  I love how cosmetics and perfumes can make you feel and how they can be used creatively and artistically.  I have always used beauty products as a way to express myself and I want to create products that allow others to do the same. By establishing Aromi, I believed I could provide the tools for men and women to look and feel their best.  Formulating and creating handcrafted beauty products for Aromi is truly my passion and I'm grateful for each day that I get to spend time doing something I love.

Hannah Follis
Founder & Chemist


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