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New Aromi Glittery Lip Toppers - duo-chromatic, glittery top coat for matte liquid lipstick

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Glittery Lip Toppers - Duo-chromatic, Glittery Top Coat for Matte Liquid Lipstick

What is a glittery lip topper?
Aromi glittery lip toppers are a duo-chromatic, iridescent top coat that is applied over matte liquid lipstick to give lips a glittery appearance. Each lip topper dries down to touch-proof finish in about one minute after application.

Aromi Glittery Lip Toppers - duochromatic lip

Duo-chromatic lip toppers
Aromi glittery lip toppers are all duo-chromatic so the shimmer will shift in color depending on the viewing angle.– at one angle, the glitter will appear one shade and at a different angle, the topper will appear a different color.
Aromi Lip Toppers

Fairy Glittery Lip Topper shifts from pink to lilac
Aromi Fairy Glittery Lip Topper
Fairy glittery lip topper pairs well with any liquid lipstick shade - pairs especially well with any pink, red, purple, or lilac shade.

Aurora Glittery Lip Topper shifts from peach to gold
Aromi Aurora Glittery Lip Topper
Aurora glittery lip topper pairs well with any red, peach, pink, or nude liquid lipstick shade.

Solar Glittery Lip Topper shifts from pink to gold
Solar Glittery Lip Topper
Solar lip topper pairs well with any warm, nude, or brown liquid lipstick shade.

Prism Glittery Lip Topper shifts from light pink to gold
Aromi Glittery Lip Topper
Prism lip topper pairs well with any pink, nude, or any matte liquid lipstick shade.

Lunar Glittery Lip Topper shifts from golden-blue to green
Aromi Lunar Glittery Lip Topper
Lunar glittery lip topper pairs well with any liquid lipstick shade.

*Fairy and Lunar Lip Topper look similar in the tube, but the duo-chromatic, glittery appearance is very different!

How to apply a glittery lip topper
After a matte liquid lipstick has already been applied and has dried down to a matte finish, apply the lip topper on top of the matte liquid lipstick. Once the lip topper has been applied, it will take about one minute to dry-down to a touch-proof finish. If a subtle and shimmery lip is desired, apply the lip topper directly to bare lips.

Each lip topper is relatively iridescent – if they are applied to a light background, they will have a subtle appearance. If the lip toppers are applied to a darker background or applied over any matte liquid lipstick, they will have a dramatic effect. The darker the background, the more dramatic effect of the lip topper.

New Lip Topper Packaging

Since the lip toppers give lips a shimmery, metallic, and glittery appearance, we decided to have our packaging match the appearance of the toppers - each box is metallic and shimmery.

Vegan & Cruelty-free Lip Toppers
Each one of the different lip toppers are both vegan and cruelty-free. There are no animal ingredients used in any of the toppers and animal testing was not completed at any stage.

Each lip topper is also created without gluten, fragrance, flavor, palm-based ingredients, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or triclosan. As always, each topper is also formulated from scratch and handcrafted in our own laboratory.

For a limited time, buy one Aromi lip topper purchase a matte liquid lipstick shade for only $10 – use code: GLITTERY at checkout to receive discount.

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