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Aromi Part of the Petit Vour Luxury Vegan and Cruelty-free Subscription Box

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We’re excited to announce that we are participating in our very first beauty subscription box! We continually receive numerous requests to be a part of various subscription boxes and we’ve yet to take the plunge. When we found out about Petit Vour, a luxury, vegan beauty box, we knew it would be a good fit for us. We will officially be part of the May Petit Vour beauty box.
Some of the products offered in the Petit Vour beauty box

A few of the types of products that have been featured or will be featured in upcoming boxes are pictured above. The Aromi flamenco red liquid lipstick and our wildberry lipstick are in the photo above. Photo courtesy of Petit Vour

Some of the brands that have been featured or will be featured in upcoming boxes are listed above.   We are honored to be included among so many other fantastic vegan and cruelty-free brands!

A subscription to Petit Vour is only $15 per month and includes free shipping in the United States. One of our full-sized lip products will be in all of the Petit Vour May boxes.  The cost of one of the Aromi lip products ranges from $15 to $17 per item so it is safe to say that the Petit Vour box is an awesome deal! Our product alone covers the subscription fee and there are usually three other brands featured per box. 

Some of the Petit Vour subscribers will receive our new liquid lipsticks. This product will be going to some of the bold subscribers as the liquid lipsticks give a very bold, matte lip. Bold lips in a matte finish are a must for spring and summer this year.  Our absolute favorite look is a bold lip with neutral makeup and black mascara.  We truly believe that anyone can pull off a bold lip! 

Aromi glossy-to-matte liquid lipstickAromi flamenco red liquid lipstick

Another item that some of the Petit Vour members might receive is one of our lip glosses. Our lip glosses give a high-shine lip that isn’t sticky.  We hate thick, sticky lip gloss so we've formulated all of our lip glosses to go on smooth and to have a light feel on the lips.  We submitted three different colors, including: snob (light pink and shimmery), rouge (dark pink – almost magenta), and red (classic red). 

Aromi High-Shine Lip GlossAromi Snob Lip Gloss

Yet another item that some of the Petit Vour subscribers might receive is one of our traditional lipsticks in the shades of poppy, wildberry, or jacqueminot. All three of these shades will be fantastic for spring and all will give a bold lip. Poppy gives a coral, red-orange lip, jacqueminot gives the traditional red lip, and wildberry gives a berry-stained, magenta lip. All three of these colors build-up really well so apply more for a bold lip and just a bit for a lighter shade.
Aromi Handmade LIpsticksAromi Poppy Lipstick

Making all of these samples was a really fun project for us so here are a few of the photos from the Aromi laboratory. All of our products are made from scratch and are all poured by hand so each and every sample we created for the Petit Vour box was carefully compounded, poured, and packaged by hand.

Wildberry lipstick being made in the lab. All the ingredients in the lipstick formulation are mixed and heated in beakers. Once all the ingredients are mixed well and the batch has reached the correct temperature, it is poured in the mold. The photo above is right before each little lipstick is placed into a lipstick tube.

lipstick being made by hand in the Aromi laboratory

This photo is of snob lip gloss being mixed. We pour each lip gloss by hand so prior to pouring the batch has to be mixed well and has to have the correct temperature. There is quite a lot of organic jojoba oil in this formula so the formula is highly moisturizing.

snob lip gloss being mixed in the Aromi laboratory

We are excited for all the Petit Vour subscribers to try out our products! We sincerely hope that each person that receives an Aromi product truly loves the lip gloss, lipstick, or liquid lipstick.

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