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Swatches of Aromi Lipsticks - Photo Shoot Day in the Aromi Laboratory

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Recently, we spent the afternoon in our lab and had some fun with our lipsticks!  We sliced, diced, and smeared lipsticks to help show off some of the colors!  Not only was this a lot of fun, but we ended up with some really cool swatch photos that show off the color of each lipstick!
Aromi Lipsticks - Luxurious, Vegan Lipstick

Aromi Nude Lipstick Swatch
Nude lipstick is our lightest lipstick shade that has sheer coverage.  This shade has a very light nude color that will add just a hint of color.  This shade is very moisturizing and will feel nice on the lips.  Nude lipstick will work best on those with a lighter lip color. 

Aromi Sassy Lipstick SwatchAromi Nude Lipstick Swatches
Sassy lipstick is a warm brown shade that has semi-sheer finish. 

Aromi Rosy Nude Lipstick SwatchAromi Rosy Nude Lipstick

We recently brought back rosy nude from our color vault and this shade has quickly become our most popular nude shade. We originally made rosy nude awhile back as a limited edition shade. We had so many requests for this shade that we decided to bring it back!  Rosy nude has a really pretty peachy nude shade and is more opaque than the other nude lipstick shades (sassy and nude).  Rosy nude has a creamy formula and provides a burst of moisture to the lips. 

Aromi Dusty Mauve Lipstick SwatchAromi Dusty Mauve - Vegan and Cruelty-free Lipstick
Dusty mauve is a brand new lipstick shade that is a "cool or blue-based" version of our dusty rose lipstick shade.  Rose shades, specifically dusty rose tones, continue to be some of the most requested lipstick shades. Dusty rose is a warm shade that has yellow undertones; this shade is one that is flattering on almost every skin tone. Dusty mauve is a cool version of dusty rose. Because of the blue undertones of dusty mauve, this shade will actually make teeth look whiter. 

Aromi Dusty Rose Lipstick Swatch

Dusty rose has warm, yellow undertones and is a shade that can definitely be worn to work, during the day, or out at night. We recently reformulated this shade and a few others to add a bit more moisture to the overall formula. This shade is one of our most popular lipstick shades because it works with any skin tone.  Our rosy rose has a similar shade in the liquid lipstick line.

Aromi Jetsetter Lipstick SwatchAromi Pink Lipstick Shades
Jetsetter Lipstick is unique because it is a matte lipstick shade, but has a metallic, shimmery appearance. This shade is a lot like our metallic liquid lipsticks because they also have a matte finish with a metallic appearance. This shade has a light pink color, but has a pearlescent finish - jetsetter is the only solid lipstick to have this finish.

Aromi Chiffon Lipstick Swatch | Luxurious, Vegan | Peachy Pink Lipstick
Chiffon is a bright pink-peach that has a semi-sheer formula.  Like a lot of our other lipstick shades, chiffon builds up really nice and the more that is applied the more vibrant the color becomes

Aromi Bombshell Lipstick
Bombshell is a blue-based pink lipstick.  Unlike chiffon that has a peachy tone to it, this shade does not have warm undertones.  This shade is a semi-sheer shade, but builds well as more lipstick is applied.  This formula is made with the finest raw materials and is vegan and cruelty-free - all Aromi Lipsticks are certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny.

Aromi Azalea Lipstick Swatch | Hot Pink with Blue Undertones
Azalea lipstick is a vibrant, bright pink lipstick shade that has definite blue-undertones.  This shade is highly pigmented and provides a very vibrant, hot pink color.  Pink peonies is a similar shade, but is in the glossy-to-matte formula.

Aromi Wildberry Lipstick Swatch

Wildberry is a vibrant, berry-magenta shade that has a bold hue and rich pigment. This shade would be a great shade for anyone that loves magenta or pink lipstick. Summer is our favorite time to wear this shade and the color was actually inspired by the wildflowers and wild berries that are in Minnesota during the summer.

Aromi Poppy Lipstick Swatch
Poppy lipstick has a bright cherry-red shade that definitely has an orange tone to it.  Orange tangerine and preppy red both have a similar color to Poppy, but comes in the liquid-to-matte formula. 

Aromi Jacqueminot Lipstick Swatch - True RedAromi Red Lipstick Swatches

Jacqueminot is our traditional, true-red lipstick shade.  Because this shade has blue-undertones, this shade will not turn to a pink when it is applied - jacqueminot will stay true-to-color when it is applied.  Flamenco red is our liquid-to-matte version of this shade.  

Aromi Flirty Lipstick Swatch | Dark Red
Flirty Lipstick is a dark red red shade with warm undertones.  This shade is darker than jacqueminot and lighter than bordeaux lipstick.  Power red liquid lipstick, a dark red shade, is a complementary shade in the liquid-to-matte formula.

Aromi Bordeaux Lipstick | Maroon Lipstick
Bordeaux Lipstick is one of our most popular lipstick shades because this shade is designed to work on everyone.  A small amount of this shade can be applied for a berry-stained lip.  This shade builds well so a small or a heavy amount of this shade can be applied.  When applied normally, this shade will have a vibrant, maroon color that is perfect for this fall season.

Aromi crimson Lipstick Swatch

Crimson lipstick is one of two maroon shades that we offer and this shade has blue undertones (bordeaux lipstick has warm undertones).  Crimson is a bit darker than bordeaux and is also more opaque as well.  This shade is versatile and is one of our most popular shades during the fall and winter months.  Crimson is currently out darkest lipstick shade in the solid format - we have darker matte liquid lipstick shades though, including: red dahlia, black cherry, vamptastic plum, dark espresso, and gothic plum.


Merlot lipstick looks really dark in the tube, but this shade is actually a semi-sheer plum shade that can be worn during the day or out at night.  Merlot is a shade that will adapt to each user because of the blue undertones.  This shade also becomes more vibrant as more is applied - this shade will look unique on each user.

If you're interested in how we make our lipsticks, you can read about the process here.


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