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Holiday Lipstick Guide - The 6 Best Red Liquid Lipsticks for the Holidays

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In our opinion, a good red lip is a must for the holiday season!  Each Aromi liquid lipstick shade is formulated with the finest raw materials and pigments that give a rich, luxurious lip color.  Each shade is formulated from scratch, poured by hand, and is crafted with the finest vegan and cruelty-free raw materials.  All Aromi cosmetics are certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping Bunny - we do not conduct any sort of animal testing or used animal-derived raw materials.

These red lipsticks could be used for a holiday gift or a stocking stuffer.  Each liquid lipstick comes in a colorful box - wrap the box or put a bow on it for an easy stocking stuffer.  Here are our favorite red liquid lipstick shades that all give that desirable holiday red lip.

1.  Neon Red
Neon Red Lipstick
Neon red is a magenta-red and gives a very bright red lip with pink tones.  

2.  Flamenco Red
Aromi Flamenco Red Liquid Lipstick
Flamenco red is our true-red shade or our blue-toned red shade.  This shade is a must for every lipstick lover!

3.  Power Red
Aromi Power Red Liquid Lipstick
Power red is our dark red shade - this shade is slightly lighter than our rich rosewood and is darker than our flamenco red.  This shade is flattering on many different skin tones as both light, medium, and dark skin tones can wear this shade.

4.  Brick Red
Brick Red Liquid Lipstick
Brick red is our muted red-orange shade and isn't overly rusty.  Compared to some of our other red lipsticks, this shades isn't overly bright and is a popular choice for wearing during the day or while at work.

5.  Preppy Red

Preppy red is a red shade that has warm undertones.  This shade is similar to our flamenco red, but these two shades are definitely different - flamenco red has blue undertones and is a true-red and preppy red has warm undertones and is more of a red-orange.  Preppy red is also not quite as dark and is brighter than flamenco red.

6.  Orange Tangerine
Aromi Orange Tangerine Matte Liquid Lipstick
Orange tangerine is more orange than our preppy red, but isn't quite as orange as our vibrant orange shade.  This shade is an orange red shade and is a great choice for those that like orange or warm lipstick shades and want a red for the holiday season.

Red Liquid Lipstick Bundle
Aromi Red Liquid Lipstick Bundle
We also have a red liquid lipstick bundle which is our top-selling red shades sold as a bundle at a discounted rate. The red lipstick bundle includes flamenco red, preppy red, neon red, and power red.  We also have a couple of other bundles and they are available here!

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