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Liquid Lipstick Reviews

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Since the launch of the new liquid lipsticks, they have been featured on numerous beauty, fashion, and vegan blogs.  We were so honored to have our liquid lipsticks and other products included on each of the following blogs so here is a quick recap of the stories along with a few photos and links.

The Little Foxes
We were just recently mentioned on the fabulous vegan blog, The Little Foxes!  There is even a chance to win four of our liquid lipsticks - enter at The Little Foxes!  Ashlee, the author of The Little Foxes blog, is also a wonderful resource for going vegan and frequently posts about vegan fashion, beauty, and food.  We were thrilled to hear that Ashlee loved our liquid lipsticks and actually called them "the most indelible lipsticks she has ever worn in her life".  Because we formulate and make all of our cosmetics by hand, it means so much to us when we hear positive feedback 

Aromi liquid lipstick giveaway on The Little Foxes blogAromi liquid lipsticks - electric orchid, forbidden fuchsia, preppy red, flamenco red

Aromi liquid lipsticks on The Little Foxes Blog

Refinery 29
Aromi was mentioned on Refinery 29 in two different articles last month. We were really excited to be mentioned on this blog because it is a blog that covers some of the largest beauty brands in the world. One of the articles we were mentioned in was an article that talked about different ways to brighten your smile. Our electric orchid liquid lipstick was featured in the article as it is a bright magenta color and is our take on the color of the year. Wearing this shade would definitely brighten any smile

.Aromi electric orchid liquid lipstick on Refinery 29electric orchid liquid lipstickAromi electric orchid liquid lipsticks

electric orchid liquid lipstick on Refinery 29ā€“ Lip products to help you smile brighter

The second article Aromi was mentioned in on Refinery 29 was an article that showed vegan alternatives to beauty products that contain animal ingredients. Our lipstick was shown as a vegan alternative to lipsticks that contain carmine. Because our lipsticks are vegan, there are no animal ingredients used in our formula.

Aromi Jacqueminot Lipstick featured on Refinery 29Handmade LipstickAromi chiffon and jacqueminot lipstick

Refinery 29 ā€“ Alternative product without animal ingredients. 

Beauty Bets
We were really honored to be a part of the Beauty Bets blog because this blog is also based out of Minneapolis.  In case you didn't know, Aromi is a Minnesota-based cosmetics company.  Kara, known as the lipstick queen of Beauty Bets, tried our our liquid lipsticks and loved the flamenco red and preppy red colors.  

Aromi liquid lipsticks on Beauty BetsAromi

Kara wearing our flamenco red liquid lipstick

Vegan Beauty Review
Aromi liquid lipsticks reviewed on Vegan Beauty Reviewswatches of liquid lipstick

Sunny from Vegan Beauty Review is another one of our favorite vegan bloggers.  She covers a wide variety of vegan topics, but primarily focuses on providing reviews on various cosmetics and beauty products.   Electric orchid liquid lipstick is featured in the photo above and is a photo she took after wearing it for eight hours.  Sunny really liked the liquid lipsticks because of the vibrant colors and that they last for hours.  Flamenco red, electric orchid, and preppy red were her favorite colors and are featured in the swatches above. 

Lien Jā€™s Beauty Blog
Lien is a beauty blogger that blogs about makeup and beauty products from a wide variety of companies.  Lien's blog is different than many of the other beauty blogs out there because she blogs about unique companies and does a nice job of introducing her readers to new brands.  Lien tried out some of our glossy-to-matte liquid lipsticks as well as our regular lipsticks and we were happy to see that she liked both types of lipsticks

Aromi liquid lipsticks and lipsticks on Lien J's Beauty Blog  

Heart Coeur
Heart Coeur is one of our Canadian stockist and they stock our liquid lipstick, lipstick, and lip gloss.  They also wrote up a blog post about our liquid lipsticks because it is a new product for them.  One awesome thing about Heart Coeur is that they donate a portion of each sale to the Toronto Feral Cat Project.
Aromi electric orchid liquid lipstick gives a magenta-pink matte lip

The Suburban Faux Paus
Our flamenco red liquid lipstick was worn by Krystin on her fashion and style blog, Suburban Faux Paus.  Krystin likes to wear a bold lip on her blog and we've seen our lip products on her a few times lately.  We were excited to see our flamenco red liquid lipstick on Krystin as she is one fashionable lady. 

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