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Matte Liquid Lipstick

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New Aromi Liquid Lipstick

The Aromi Liquid Lipsticks are finally here! This product goes on like a traditional lip gloss and dries to a completely matte, smudge-proof finish that lasts for hours. The response and excitement we’ve received about this new and innovative product has been fantastic. Bold, matte lips will be a HUGE trend this year so we felt like we had to develop a product that was specifically tailored to this awesome trend. We also felt there was a gap in our product line as we didn’t have a truly matte lip product so we decided to formulate a glossy to matte liquid lipstick. One thing we constantly hear from women is that they love the look of bold lipstick, but they feel like they cannot wear it because it smears or they constantly have to retouch. The new liquid lipstick will solve all these problems – it will be VERY trendy for 2014, it gives a matte finish, and it doesn’t smear.

The new line of liquid lipsticks come in six bold colors, including: plum, fuchsia, maroon, true red, bright red, and magenta. We tried to incorporate at least one color that would be really flattering on each type of complexion. We will likely add more colors later on so if there is a color you would like to see, feel free to let us know here or leave us a note in the comments below.

left to right:electric orchidpreppy redflamenco redrich rosewoodforbidden fuchsia, and vamptastic plum

How it works.

The new Aromi liquid lipstick isn’t quite a lip gloss and it isn’t quite a lipstick so we decided to call it a liquid lipstick. Despite containing the word lipstick in the name, the liquid lipstick comes in a traditional lip gloss container equipped with an application wand. The wand allows for precise application of the liquid lipstick. This product goes on like a thin lip gloss and dries to a matte finish in about one minute. The best part about the liquid lipstick, other than the matte finish, is that it doesn’t smear, smudge, or transfer. Because the finish is smudge-proof, this liquid lipstick lasts so much longer than any lipstick, lip gloss, or lip balm.

How to apply.

1. Start with a completely bare lip.

It is important to have completely bare lips – if lip balm, lip gloss, or lipstick is applied prior to application, it could cause the liquid lipstick to not fully dry to a matte finish.

2. Apply liquid lipstick to bare lips with wand. To get a perfect application we usually start by outlining the lips with the wand to get a nice, smooth outline. A lip brush can also be used to apply the liquid lipstick, if that is preferred. If a very opaque, bold look is desired, continue application until desired look is achieved. The more liquid lipstick that is applied, the more opaque and bold the color becomes.

3. Allow up to one minute to dry. Once the liquid lipstick is dry, lips will have a matte appearance. If you watch closely after application, you can actually see your lips go from glossy to matte. The dry time is dependent on the amount that is applied – the more liquid lipstick that is applied, the longer it will take to dry. If a thin layer of liquid lipstick is applied, it should dry in about 30 seconds. If a heavy layer is applied, it may take about a minute to dry.

4. Liquid lipstick is dry once lips have a matte appearance. Once the liquid lipstick is dry, it should not transfer or will transfer very little. To tell if the liquid lipstick is completely dry, gently touch lips with finger to see if any of the liquid transfers. If no liquid lipstick transfers or is removed, the liquid lipstick is dry. As long as the liquid lipstick has dried to a matte finish, it will not smear or smudge.

It may take a few times of wearing the liquid lipsticks to get used to the application process and how the liquid lipsticks feels on the lips. Once used to the application process and how it feels, it will not be noticeable that the liquid lipstick is on the lips. In fact, it is possible that you will completely forget that you are wearing liquid lipstick.

There are various techniques that are practiced with application of regular lipstick or lip gloss that are used to prolong the wear time. These techniques, such as blotting with tissue or dusting with powder, are not required. The best way to get the liquid lipstick to last a long time is to simply apply to bare lips and allow time to dry.

The Box.

Our new liquid lipstick packaging fits in nicely with the rest of the Aromi cosmetics boxes as it has the same design concept, but is in a different color scheme. Because the Aromi liquid lipstick line is so bold we decided to go with a pink and orange-red color.

As always, the vital cosmetic information is listed on both sides of the box. 

Color above is the electric orchid liquid lipstick.

This color is a bright magenta that really gives a nice magenta, matte lip. This color is our version of the pantone of the year, radiant orchid. Once the color of the year was released, we knew we had to offer a liquid lipstick that was related to this color. We LOVE a good magenta so we wanted to create a bright pink-magenta. This color is incredibly versatile as it is soft enough to wear to work or out to a party. This color is utterly stunning and is sure to go unnoticed.

Preppy red liquid lipstick is an orange-red color and is our brightest red shade. This color has warm undertones and is sure to give a bright, retro red lip. We knew we wanted a warm and a cool shade of red liquid lipstick and this shade is on the warm end of the spectrum.

Flamenco red liquid lipstick is a true red color. This shade has blue undertones and doesn’t have much of an orange or yellow tone to it. This shade is darker than Preppy Red and isn’t quite as bright. Flamenco red liquid lipstick gives the traditional red lip.

Rich rosewood liquid lipstick gives a matte, maroon lip. Sexy and sophisticated, this color really draws attention to the lips as a maroon lip with a matte finish is quite rare and definitely unique. This color is darker than flamenco red and is a warm maroon with rich brown undertones

This is a dark fuchsia color that will give a sophisticated dark berry lip. This color really builds up well – if a darker color is desired, apply until desired fuchsia shade is achieved. If a lighter fuchsia is desired, simply apply one layer of forbidden fuchsia.

Vamptastic plum is definitely our darkest shade and is sure to stand out. This color is completely unique as it gives a truly matte lip in a dark plum-violet lip with maroon undertones. Because this color is quite dark, getting a smooth edge is key. For the darker liquid lipsticks, a lip brush may be helpful to apply this product flawlessly. Another key to pulling off a dark lip is to have defined eyes and eyebrows. A well defined and filled in eyebrow and long lashes with defined eyeliner will definitely help pull off this bold color.

We’re so excited about our new liquid lipstick and we hope you all are as well. Please comment below if there are any questions or comments.  Otherwise, you our contact us form to send us an email.

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