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Name Contest for New Shade of Aromi Matte Liquid Lipstick

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I was in the lab a few weeks back and I wanted to create a purple-toned magenta liquid lipstick color for myself (side note: I spend way too much time doing this, but it one of my favorite things to do).  I was trying to match a particular shade of lipstick that I used to wear but no longer wear because it is from a company that isn't a vegan or cruelty-free cosmetic company.  I picked out a pantone color that matched that color and worked on the new color from there.

Utilizing pantones to create new shades of Aromi liquid lipstick

Sometimes I am able to match the color really quickly as I've been working with colors for ten years, but other times it takes me quite a long time.  This color was really tricky because I was trying to achieve a magenta-purple shade that wasn't too dark and wasn't too pink.  After many, many different batches I eventually settled on the shade below.

 Color matching for a new Aromi liquid lipstick with the use of pantonesNew shade of Aromi liquid lipstick

I eventually decided to post the shade that I created on instagram and asked if this color should be added to our collection.  Overwhelmingly everyone seemed to love this color so I decided to officially make this part of the fall collection.  I have yet to set a date for the launch of the fall colors, but it will be late summer or early fall.  

I am a chemist by trade and the worst part of product development for me is the naming part.  In most cosmetic companies, the chemist is never responsible for deciding on the name - usually that is a marketing function.  I've always tried to have a bit of fun with the names of the Aromi products and I am definitely not afraid of funny, different, or unique names!  The details for the contest are below, but I am basically looking for name suggestions for the new purple magenta color.  If your name suggestion is chosen, you will receive a lip product or solid fragrance of your choice.  This color won't be available for awhile yet, but the winner will also have the option of receiving the very first liquid lipstick from the production batch.   I am still tweaking and testing this formula, but it is really close to being completed.

The final color is shown before - it is a cross between a purple and magenta color.

purple magenta liquid lipstickNew shade of Aromi liquid lipstick in a purple-magenta color

How to enter the contest

-leave name suggestion in comments below this blog post
-leave name suggestion on any of the posts about the name contest on social media (instagramtwitter, or facebook)
-email name suggestions to aromi@aromibeauty.com 

Winner receives: a complementary Aromi product of choice (any lip product, solid perfume, or solid cologne).  The winner may also choose to receive this color from the first production batch - this color will not be released until late summer/early fall.

Deadline to enter: 7-17-14

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