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New Aromi Cosmetic Packaging

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The new Aromi cosmetic packaging is finally here and I hope you all like how the boxes turned out. When I was working with a designer on the packaging, I knew I wanted something that didn’t look like every other cosmetic packaging out there. Since the Aromi cosmetics are a unique, handcrafted cosmetic line, I felt that the boxes needed to be equally unique and had to be something that was representative of the Aromi brand. I wanted something that was colorful that also complimented the perfume and cologne lines.

aromi-group-white.jpgThis is a view of the front of the new cosmetic boxes. Each of the different cosmetic boxes have the same design, but each has a different color scheme. 

The sides of each box are in black, a nice contrast to the front, and contain all the vital cosmetic information. A full list of the ingredients for each product is also available on the side panel.  The back of the box is in color and has the same floral design from the front of the box.  The barcode and the PETA vegan & cruelty-free logo are both included on the back of the box.


Lip Gloss


The Aromi lip gloss box has a mix of purple and blue tones in the same floral pattern that is carried throughout the line. This color scheme was used as it contrasts nicely with the lipstick and eyeshadow boxes.

Aromi Loose Mineral Eyeshadow


The Aromi mineral eyeshadow box has rich tones of mint, turquoise, and green.  Once again, the same floral pattern is carried through to the eyeshadow box.  

Aromi Lipstick


The lipstick box contains red, coral, and green colors in the same floral pattern.  This box originally reminded me of a rose as the colors are reminiscent of red rose petals and large, beautiful leaves. 

Above all, the new cosmetic boxes are unique, rich in color, and definitely do not look like another boring cosmetic box. All orders from aromibeauty.com will be shipped with the new boxes.  I hope you all love the new boxes! 

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