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New Aromi Liquid Lipstick Shade - Poodle Skirt Liquid-to-Matte Lipstick

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New Aromi Liquid Lipstick Shade - Poodle Skirt Liquid-to-matte Lipstick
We released ballet slipper liquid lipstick last spring and and rosy rose liquid lipstick last fall.  Both shades were very popular so we knew we had to create a shade that was directly between the two.  As a result, poodle skirt was born.
Aromi Poodle Skirt Lipstick

Poodle skirt is lighter than ballet slipper and more pink than miss mauve.
Aromi Rose and Pink Liquid Lipstick Swatches

Here are swatches on dark skin

Ballet slipper (top), poodle skirt, rosy rose, miss mauve, and berry nude

Aromi Liquid Lipstick - Vegan + Cruelty-free Lipstick
Poodle skirt liquid lipstick and a lip swatch of poodle skirt

Aromi liquid lipstick - made in U.S.A., gluten-free, vegan + cruelty-free
Poodle skirt liquid-to-matte lipstick has a mauvy-dusty rose color.  This shade was designed for those that love the traditional dusty rose lip color. 

Here is a lip swatch of poodle skirt - this shade is long-lasting while still being actually comfortable-to-wear.  There's nothing worse than putting on a liquid lipstick only to have it really dry out your lips.
Swatch of Poodle Skirt Liquid Lipstick

We get some of the same questions pretty frequently so here are a few FAQs about our liquid lipsticks

Are Aromi liquid lipsticks gluten-free?
Yes - all Aromi lipsticks do not contain gluten.  Gluten can often be found in a variety of raw materials used in a lipstick formula, but we went to great lengths to ensure that our lipsticks are 100% free of gluten.  One of the raw materials that gluten can be hidden in is actually tocopherol (aka, vitamin E) so we have made sure to use a gluten-free version of this raw material.

Are Aromi liquid lipsticks vegan and cruelty-free?
Yes - 100% of our liquid lipsticks are vegan and cruelty-free.  We manufacture our own products so we do all of our own raw material sourcing.  We are a science-based company (we have our own laboratory) and we believe animal testing is ridiculous and not not necessary.

How do Aromi liquid lipsticks feel on the lips?
We've specifically desgined our liquid lipsticks to have a light-weight feel once they have dried down to the matte finish.  We have formulated our liquid lipsticks so you will forget you're wearing a matte lipstick.  Each shade both long-wearing and actually comfortable.

How do Aromi liquid lipsticks differ from others on the market?
Our formula is definitely unique - we were very selective of our raw materials when we were formulating our liquid lipstick formula.  We formulate our products to EU regulations which are much more stringent than the regulations of the US.  We do not use a lot of ingredients that are commonly used in other liquid lipsticks.  Aromi was actually one of the very first companies out there to launch a matte liquid lipstick formula.  Our formulas have been around and loved by many for quite a few years.  We are constantly working to improve and tweak our formula for the better.

Can Aromi liquid lipsticks be mixed or layered?
Yes, our liquid lipsticks can be mixed together to create a completely different shade.  Many of our customers will use a lighter shade, such as blush nude, to adjust the hue of other shades.  We also have customers that like to create an ombre effect with different shades with different tones.

Who manufacturers your liquid lipsticks?
We actually have our own laboratory where we formulate all of our products.  We also make all of our own products - everything is controlled in-house.  Each lipstick is handcrafted in small batches and each one is poured by hand.

Have any other questions about our liquid lipsticks, feel free to contact us here or 

Poodle Skirt Matte Liquid-to-Matte Lipstick

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