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Brown and Nude Liquid Matte Lipsticks & Dark Espresso Liquid Lipstick is Launched!

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New Dark Brown Liquid Lipstick Shade - Dark Espresso

We have a number of different brown liquid lipstick shades, but we felt like one brown shade was definitely missing from our line. Dark Espresso Matte Liquid Lipstick is a brand new shade – it has a black-brown color and is quite a bit darker than magnetic mahogany. When we were creating this new shade in the lab, we wanted to create the darkest brown shade as we could without it being completely black. Before we formulate a new shade in our lab, we always pick out the shades using our many Pantone books and swatches. We then work in the lab on that color until a perfect match is achieved. Hannah, our cosmetic chemist, has over ten years of experience working on different colored products and is pretty good at color matching.
Dark Espresso Matte Liquid Lipstick
Dark espresso is now our darkest liquid-to-matte lipstick shade. This shade would be great for people that like dark shades, black lipstick, or are not afraid to rock a bold lip.

Brown Liquid Lipstick Swatches
Brown liquid lipstick swatches

We’re just about ready to release a complementary shade to Dark Espresso -this new shade will have a black-plum color. The new, black-plum shade is so dark that it definitely looks black with just a hint of plum. We have a few other plum shades, such as black cherry and vamptastic plum, but they are not near as dark as the new black plum shade.  A sneak peek of this shade will be posted on instagram in near future - follow us here!  The launch date will also be announced shortly and we’ll also be offering this shade for pre-order as well.  We will be pouring the new black plum this week in our laboratory.

Here are some of our other brown and nude liquid lipstick shades. As always, we love hearing input from our customers – if there is a shad you want to see added to our line, feel free to email us, comment below, or let us know on social media.
Desert Taupe, Magnetic Mahogany, and Sepia BrownAromi Nude Liquid Lipstick Shades
Desert Taupe, Magnetic Mahogany, & Sepia Brown

Aromi Nude and Brown Liquid Lipstick Shades
Sand nude, caramel nude, desert taupe, sepia brown, magnetic mahogany, and dark espresso liquid-to-matte lipstick swatches.

Magnetic Mahogany Matte Liquid Lipstick is a warm brown shade. Dark espresso is a very “dark chocolate” color and magnetic mahogany is a “milk chocolate” color. Magnetic mahogany reminds us of an 80s lipstick color. We’ve had a number of customers that like to pair our gold digger metallic liquid lipstick with magnetic mahogany and wear it as a lip topper. When magnetic mahogany liquid lipstick is worn by itself, it has a very matte finish. When gold digger is placed on top of the matte finish, it provides a bit of shimmer and dimension to the lip.
Magnetic Mahogany - Brown Liquid LipstickMagnetic Mahogany Liquid Matte Lipstick
Magnetic Mahogany Liquid Lipstick

Sepia Brown Liquid Lipstick is another medium tone brown and is a grey-brown. Sepia brown has cool-undertones and is darker than desert taupe.
Aromi Beauty Sepia Brown Liquid Lips
Sepia Brown Liquid Lipstick

Caramel Nude Liquid Lipstick is one of our newest lipstick shades and it has a warm beige or caramel color. This matte lipstick has warm undertones and is flattering on many different skin tones.
Caramel Nude Liquid Matte LipstickCaramel Nude Matte Lipstick
Caramel Nude Liquid Lipstick

Desert taupe Matte Liquid Lipstick is a grey-beige or “greige” lipstick shade. This shade is one of our most popular shades and is a must for anyone that likes nude lips. 
Greige Liquid Lipstick Desert Taupe Liquid Matte Lips
Desert taupe is also available as part of our nude liquid lipstick bundle that has desert taupe, toasted almond, miss mauve, and berry nude. Toasted almond is one of our most popular nude shades as it is a pink nude with taupe undertones.

Aromi Beauty Nude Lipstick CollectionAromi Nude Liquid Lipstick Bundle
Toasted Almond, Miss Mauve, Berry Nude, & Desert Taupe Liquid Lipstick

Sandy Nude Liquid Lipstick is another brand-new liquid lipstick shade. After we released blush nude, we had quite a few requests for another light liquid lipstick shade that wasn’t quite as peach or pink as blush nude. Sandy nude is lighter than blush nude and has more of a beige tone.
Sandy Nude Liquid Matte Lipstick
Sandy Nude Liquid Lipstick

We’ve had some customers use our brown shades in some other ways besides just as a lipstick. Our brown liquid lipsticks could also be used as an eyebrow product as a way to fill in eyebrows. A fine brush is definitely needed to create fine brush strokes to emulate eyebrow hair.

With Saint Patrick’s Day coming up next week, our jade green and emerald green liquid lipstick shades have been popular. They would both be very festive and fun to wear on St. Patrick’s Day!
Aromi Blue, Greens, and Lavender Liquid LipsticksAromi Beauty Emerald Green Liquid-to-Matte LipstickAromi Jade Green Liquid Lipstick

Here are all of our matte liquid lipstick shades that are available right now. If there are any other shades you’d like to see added to our line, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

Here are the swatches with the names of the shades listed directly below each lip swatch.
All Aromi Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks

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