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Makeup and Fragrances for the New Year - Matte & Metallic Liquid Lipstick, Solid Perfume & Cologne, Lipstick, Roll-On Perfume, & Liquid Fragrance

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Aromi Red Liquid Lipsticks
Aromi red liquid lipsticks

Aromi Red Liquid Lipstick Bundle
Aromi red liquid lipstick bundle - power red(left), neon red, preppy red, and flamenco red.  Power red is a dark red, neon red is a bright magenta-red, preppy red is a warm-toned red, and flamenco red is a true-red with blue-undertones.

Aromi Nude Liquid-to-Matte Lipsticks
Toasted almond, blush nude, and berry nude liquid lipsticks.  Toasted almond is a pink nude with taupe tones, blush nude is a warm nude (our lightest liquid lipstick shade), and berry nude is a dusty rose shade.

Aromi Products - liquid perfume, lipstick, liquid lipstick, roll-on perfume oils, solid perfume
Earthy botancial eau de parfum, sassy perfume, toasted almond liquid-to-matte lipstick, vixen solid perfume, and earthy botanical roll-on perfume oil.

Aromi Botanical Solid Perfumes
earthy botanical, wild blooms, and exotic bouquet solid perfumes

Aromi Sassy Lipstick & Toasted Almond Liquid Lipstick
Sassy lipstick and toasted almond matte liquid lipstick

Aromi Solid Perfumes
Aromi solid perfumes

Aromi Solid Colognes for Men

Aromi Metallic Lipstick
Aromi metallic matte liquid lipsticks - fab flamingo (top), sugared mauve, gold digger, purple quartz, rose gold, and copper bliss.

Aromi Liquid Lipstick, Roll-on Perfume, Solid Cologne & Perfume, and Lipstick
Red dahlia, earthy botanical roll-on perfume oil, very manly solid cologne, amazing solid perfume, and bordeaux lipstick.

Aromi Metallic Matte Liquid Lipstick
All six metallic liquid lipsticks - fab flamingo (far left), copper bliss, rose gold, gold digger, sugared mauve, and purple quartz.

Aromi Brown Liquid Lipsticks - Magnetic Mahogany, Sepia Brown, & Desert Taupe
Sepia brown, desert taupe, and toasted almond

Aromi Beauty Packaging for Cosmetics & Fragrances
Aromi liquid lipstick, wild blooms solid perfume, earthy botanical eau de parfum, and lipstick boxes.

Aromi Beauty Liquid Lipsticks
toasted almond, berry nude, pink peonies, flamenco red, and red dahlia liquid matte lipsticks.


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